Sunday School  

Mrs. Jennifer Corey and Mrs. Barbara Beam are the teachers of the Kindergarten through 2nd grade class. Each quarter the children study different Bible truths using devotionals, object lessons, and wonderful Bible lessons. Lessons always have a Bible verse that fits the topic and the children are taught how it applies to their life. There are always fun Bible centered songs to sing and a craft to put together that goes along with the lesson. 

Our 3rd through 6th grade class is taught by Ms. Joy Dunbar and Mrs. Heather Malfi. At the beginning of class the children are given the opportunity to give prayer requests and pray if so desired. We sing songs that follow along with our Bible story. Every week different visuals are used for the Bible story. We also read the Bible together so the children can see the story from the chapter or verse in the Bible. There is also a memory verse each week that correlates with the lesson. We play a game to review the Bible stories of past lessons to help the kids remember what we have learned. Each week papers from the days lessons are sent home for the children to review and share with their parents.


Children's Church

During the regular Sunday morning service, Mr. Jason Dunbar, along with several other workers, have a service for children from 4yrs old - 6th grade. We sing fun songs that have a Bible truth and teach them a different  verse each week. The verse ties in with that weeks lesson and the children are taught how they can apply it in their own life. We teach the children different truths and principles from the Bible. Our goal is to see children get saved and then learn the Bible truths to  apply in their own life. We also have an offering we collect to help out one of our missionaries. At the end of each week, if time permits, we have a game and ask questions about the lesson to help the children recall what they have just learned. We want to teach the children the things of God and have some fun while doing it. 


Master Clubs

Master Clubs has been a ministry of Freedom Baptist Church since November of 1994. This ministry was started to help children learn more about Christ while earning colorful badges and ribbons for their vest. Bible stories, and games help to reinforce the badges they are working on. This program runs from September to July each year. During the year children may enter national coloring and writing contests in the fall and winter. We have had several winners in both over the years. 

God's Little Lambs club is for the 4 and 5 years olds. High spirited action songs and stories get the children excited about the Bible. A total of 15 badges and 4 ribbons can be earned while working through their colorful club books. 

Primaries for Christ club is for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. With more than 20 Bible verses to memorize for each grade the children will learn everything from the "Good News" of Christ to being a "Good Soldier" on to "Christian Service". Ribbons and attendance stars for memorization and club attendance are all part of this exciting club.

Our Junior club is for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. A clubber can earn over 50 badges for their vest ranging from New Testament Themes and Music, to Camp Cooking and First Aid. 16 Bible Study booklets challenge children to look through God's Word to find answers to important subjects like Salvation, God's Will for Children, Praying, and Believers Baptism.



Our Teen Program is designed to give our young people somewhere to meet and be with others of their age in a good Godly setting. We have a teen S.S. class that meets every Sunday at 10am, teen activities twice a month, a week of summer camp, youth rallies, historical trips, etc. Our program is centered around Christ and it is our goal to put Him first and teach our young people to do the same in their lives as they grow to become young adults.



ABC's of Christian Growth

David Corey Sr. is the teacher of this class and is taught during the regular Sunday School hour. It covers an in depth discipleship study of basic doctrines and topics to encourage Christian growth and development. 

Adult Sunday School

This class is taught by Pastor Dunbar and covers a variety of topics, including verse by verse studies of individual books of the Bible, biographical studies of Bible characters, and in depth doctrinal studies.